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Jamie van Erkelens is trained in Allopathic and Naturopathic Medicine. He developed a passion for natural healing and medicine from an early age growing up and spending time with Elders in Wahta Mohawk Territory in Ontario. As well during his numerous volunteer experiences during his youth and through his medical education in many integrative clinics in Curacao and within many Chicago suburbs.


Seeing first-hand the incredible success of using nutrition and natural therapies with his patients helped shape his view on healthcare and compelled him to seek a unique route in medicine. His goal as a naturopathic doctor is to educate patients about their health, explain why making lifestyle modifications is essential, and empower them to make these changes. He strives to be a healer, motivator, teacher, and facilitator in health journeys.


During the transition from the United States back to Canada Dr. van Erkelens added Real Estate Trading Services as part of his life long learning goals - This service was added to further help those he educates through all aspects of life. Not only does Dr. van Erkelens strives to offer the most unique and holistic experience with each and every encounter, but to also to assist those he works with in shaping all aspects of success.



2023 UBC Sauder School of Business - Real Estate Trading 

2018 Canadian College of Medicine - Doctor of Naturopathy (ND)

Services2015 Caribbean Medical University - Doctor of Medicine (MD)


Gemma Wilson PREC*


Amanda Vanoosten


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Jamie van Erkelens


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